Welcome back! I am pleased to announce a new set of photography that has been received quite well at the Gallery.
I call this type of work, Light Vision Photography. All created with time elapsed, single shot photography.
I hope you will see that some of these images are very striking and unique. Each photo is 100% original and unique ,
in that it can never be re-created again. I am sure I can get a similar shot, but will never be the same. I would also like to say that
with this new set of creations, I can also create these new looks, specially for an individual. These looks can be commissioned
to utilize your own heirloom, vase, glass piece, and even update with a name autograph. Look through some of the NEW images
in the page of Still Life and Fun with Lighting!
Always feel free to contact me with any questions!
I am also working on another new line that i haven't actually defined as of yet. This new area of photography is enhanced
by computer help of imaging with koleidoscoping, and mirror imagery. this form creates new forms, shapes, and magic
images that appear from nothing, to create new and wonderful art pieces that can see a new scene each time you view the masterpiece.
I am adding a new page "Name Me" i will upload a few of the pieces that have been created, and showing at the Gallery.
What I hope you will do is give me some feedback, and maybe ideas or suggestions of what to call this new form of Photo
Imagery. One thought, I had for a name, is "Infinite Photo Images", let me know what you think!

Hope to hear from you....

Take care, and always Best Wishes from the Middle of the U.S.A.
My home, the Kansas City Region

Visit often and tell your friends!

Now that I am currently showing FULL time in a Gallery, I am sure there willl be many more updates.
Always can be found on facebook as well.

Ron Murphy

A New Age of Photography is being born!