About the Photographer

self portrait 2001
About the Photographer.......

Ron Murphy....
Ron was born and raised in the Kansas City area. Grew up and went through Schooling in Independence, Mo.
Independence is the Home of our past president Harry S. Truman. Ron grew up going through the ranks of the Scouting environment up through Boy Scouts, achieving Eagle Scout with extras.
This created the passion for the outdoors, as well as community and family for him. During School days of yesteryear, Ron had a gift for the Arts and graduated with honors in Art backgrounds. The gift of composition and balance had begun early in life.
Ron is a self taught Photographer, and the passion began with his first real camera just out of High School.
A Canon AE-1 Program, a great camera to learn on as well as capturing the right moment at the right times!
Through the years  with numerous travels around the United States, the eagerness to capture a story in one single picture started making a dream come true.

With a course of Photography now set in place, a moment in time can be captured by this Artist. Starting out with Photography, there were many, many rolls of film used. Dabbling with light, compositions, still life and places to go and see was a new and exciting world! The first area of Photography actually became a reality doing Wedding and Portrait Photography. Working by himself, Ron grew a bit tired of photography, with cataloging, negatives and numerous Weddings. This along with being a crafter as well, selling wares in 6 States became a bit of a hardship. These past times can never be overcome or forgotten. The many friends and acquaintances met, and will always be cherished. The memories in his mind are captured just as he has set forth to capture a moment for you.

The dawn of the Digital era, came upon us... and once again ignited the flame! The passion has returned!
With extensive travels within 48 of the 50 United States, Canada, Mexico, many Islands, Costa Rica, Belize,
Honduras, as well as  some of England, this Artist now wants to bring you a piece of time. A piece of time that he has lived, and wants to share. As you look through the pieces of Fine Art that he has created and captured, look deep. See the many facets of a picture. A dew drop on a rose.... A gentle fog lifting past a high hill.. the Symmetry and balance to create flow and movement where there is none. This and much more awaits.
Now, also accepted as an Artist Member at the Green Dog Gallery in Independence, Mo. So, now a new Chapter in Ron's life is now beginning.
The gallery has nine artists that have a wide range of talents. With being at the Gallery, and the interactions with the other artists, young to older, the ideas and thoughts are just coiing alive for more projects and more pieces of mRon to share with everyone.
 Ron is just shy of the 50 mark and has overcome many obstacles, and now invites you to share his dream and passion!

Thank You for visiting!