Archival Print on Photo Stock Papers:
1- 4x6 = $5.00
8-Wallet size = $7.00
1- 5x7 = $7.00
1- 8x10 = $10.00
1- 8x8 = $15.00  *
1- 8x12 = $15.00 *
1- 11x14 = $20.00
1- 12x18 = $20.00 *
1- 12x12 = $20.00 *
1- 16x20 = $30.00
1- 20x30 = $45.00 *

* = This particular size of Artwork Would require Special Order mattings to fit Universal Framing.

Matted Artwork to Fit Universal frame Size:
1- 5x7 = $10.00
1- 8x10 = $15.00
1- 11x14 = $30.00
1- 16x20 = $45.00
1- 20x30 = $55.00

The matting I prefer for most Artwork is either all White, White with Black core,
All Black,or Black with White Core.
All matted pieces come with a Double White with Black Core matts,
 unless otherwise requested or determined.
(Matting is subject to change depending on availablities and will be clarified)

Other sizes, and special orders can be done. pricing varies.
Special orders and sizes require more time and handling.
Email or call for more details.

At this time, I appologize, but I am only able to accept money orders, check or cash.
  Shipping charges will be calculated on each basis.
 Deliveries can be made free of charge in the Kansas City Area.
 Artwork is not delivered until check or money order clears banking process.

( in the future I am looking toward possibly paypal,and/or credit and debit cards)

I am available for "special Commission work"
Special commission work is available on/for Light Vision Photos.
 I can create artwork with your special heirloom or piece, and create light art with it.
This will be one of a kind, and will be held special in your family for years,
 just the same as your heirloom or fancy glass.
Other special commissions are for on location work, and particular places or things can be done as well.
Prices for commission work depend on travel, item, and other costs incured to the photographer.
PLease Inquire if special commissioning may work for you!

All sales are final
Special Sizing and Matting is non-negotiable and non-refundable
Insurance on mailings are recommended
problems must be notified within 1 week of reciept of Artwork, and return shipment is not paid.
replacement or refund will be prompltly handled
Any problems: I am sure there IS a solution!
I will stand behind my Artwork, and I am sure you will be pleased!